2023 Hair Trends You Need to Consider!

A new year means new hairstyles! Want to discover the hottest 2023 hair trends? If so, this post is for you. We explore what’s on the horizon for the coming months, from unique haircut trends to different ways you can style your hair. 

If we had to summarize 2023’s hairstyle trends, we think it’s all about layers, texture, and contrast. Luxuriously wavy styles are still in thanks to their timelessness, of course, but edgier looks like shags and mullets are what we think will define the year. Have a look at some of our favorite examples of the major hair trends for 2023. 

10 Hairstyle and Haircut Trends for 2023 

1) 2023 Hair Trend for Long Hair: Butterfly Cut

Butterfly haircut 2023 hair trend for long hair


The butterfly haircut is one of the hottest 2023 hair trends. It brings together a few styling elements that we’re absolutely loving right now, like lots of layers, waves styled away from the face, and curtain bangs. 

You’ll need the appropriate haircut, of course, so let your stylist know you want a lot of face-framing layers. To achieve that butterfly effect, blow dry your hair with a round brush, making sure to style the waves away from your face for that sexy windswept look. 

If you find it difficult to achieve those waves with just a blow dryer, a large-barrel curler like our Paradise Max Volume hair curler can help. Choose a few larger sections of hair and curl them away from your face. Then loosen up those curls with your hands or a wide-tooth comb. 

2) 2023 Hair Trend for Medium Hair: Wolf Cut 

Wolf cut 2023 hair trend


The wolf cut is the butterfly cut’s spiky younger sibling. If your style is a little edgier (or you’d like it to be), this style can be a whole mood all on its own. It’s all about asking your stylist for choppy layers, with a ton of length variation. What’s essential is a few top layers that hit somewhere between your eyes and cheekbones. 

To make sure your wolf cut is more than just a shag, though, styling it correctly is a must. Aim for a textured blow dry, and then use a hair straightener (even a mini flat iron will do the trick!) to create faux cowlicks with a few of your layers, for that signature spikiness. Use hair spray or gel to lock everything into place. 

3) 2023 Hair Trend for Medium-Long Hair: Shag 

2023 hair trend long shag


Embrace the 70s with a long shag! This retro-inspired 2023 long hair trend features gradual layers around the face and choppy bangs, which help take some weight off. It’s all about embracing flow, lightness, and texture! 

Plus, it’s the kind of haircut that gives you a lot of freedom with styling. It looks just as good with natural curls as it does straightened or wavy. 

4) The 2023 Half-Ponytail 

2023 half ponytail hairstyle


Wearing your hair long? This 2023 hairstyling trend has blown up on TikTok. It's basically a high half-ponytail, but with a prominent center part and a few curly face-framing strands. 

For maximum edginess, focus on creating contrasts, with the majority of your hair sleek and straightened, but with a few choice strands curled or styled into braids. 

5) 2023 Haircut for Short Hair: Textured Bob 

Textured bob 2023 haircut for short hair


Want to go with a short hair trend for 2023? This hairstyle is incredibly cute, with a hint of shagginess and choppy bangs. The texture, of course, doesn’t only come from the choppiness of the cut, but also from using the right texturizing products and styling in sections. If you’re in a rush, a mini curler makes the process even easier!  

6) For Everyone: Y2K Braids 

Tiny braids 2023

Tiny braids are such a small, simple way to add interest to your hairstyle, and they fit into the Y2K resurgence we’re seeing. You can add tiny braids like this to just about any hairstyle, no matter how it’s styled or worn. The key to achieving that Y2K vibe is to make sure you have at least one or two little braids framing your face, although you can add others all throughout. 

7) Style for Medium Hair: Wispy Shag 

wispy shag 2023 haircut idea


If you want something wispy and soft but still kind of edgy, a wispy shag is an awesome 2023 hair trend for medium hair. Find a stylist who’s a pro at razor cutting to achieve that slightly choppy fringe. To actually maintain those wispy, upturned layers, you’ll need to feel confident either using a blow dryer and a small round brush or a mini curler! 

8) Style for Everyone: Curtain Bangs 

2023 curtain bangs


Curtain bangs are one of the defining hair trends of the last few years, and they’re still going strong. In fact, we’d argue that their rise in popularity is what paved the way for the butterfly and wolf haircuts! 

The wonderful thing about curtain bangs is that they’re easy to add to just about any haircut, they’re super versatile to style, and once you get tired of them, they grow out a lot more easily than other types of bangs. No wonder they’re such a hit! Naturally, our favorite way to style a curtain bang is by curing the hair away from the face, but straightening curtain bangs is a cool, avant-garde look. 

9) The 2023 Mullet

2023 mullet hairstyle


The mullet is 2023’s most controversial hairstyle, but we kind of dig it. The reason why today’s trendy mullets work is that they’re styled to look shaggy, textured, and natural rather than overly voluminous like in the 80s. 

10) Natural Waves

woman with natural waves

If you want to embrace your natural wave or curl pattern, 2023 is the year for it! This year’s hairstyling trends give plenty of options beyond just intense heat styling. 

The key to getting the most out of your hair pattern is to use gentle hair products that help keep your hair healthy. When styling, apply a quality texturizing product and then blow dry your hair with a diffuser to define your waves. You might be surprised to discover just how beautiful your natural hair texture can be. The other little touch that makes this look feel modern is the center part, of course. 

Ushering in 2023 with hair on trend

Colorful image of people with cool hair next to hairstyling tools

The wonderful thing about 2023’s hair trends is that there are options for just about any hair type and attitude. If you want glamor, a butterfly haircut or high half-ponytail will give you that. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood to do something totally new and refreshing, those textured styles like a shag or wolf cut are ideal. 

Just remember that a lot of these looks depend on proper styling, whether that means diffusing your hair to keep it healthy or curling it for beachy textured waves. At Glister, we’re always here with colorful, innovative styling tools designed to create any style you want without damaging your hair. 

So let us know - which of these 2023 hairstyle trends are your favorites?