Finding The Best Hair Brushes for Every Style

Hair brushes come in all different shapes, sizes, and bristle types. With so many options to choose from, finding the best hair brush for your hair can be a daunting task. Choose the wrong one, and your hair can end up looking frizzy or flat!

It’s all about finding what works best for your hair type and your unique personal style. You don’t have to waste money learning by trial and error. Whether you want to build a collection or you’re just trying to find that one perfect brush, Glister’s got you covered, baby! In this nifty guide to hair brushes, we’ll go over the basics and give you some helpful tips and tricks. 


Detangling comb

What’s the best hair brush for wet hair? The detangling comb isn’t exactly a “brush,” but close enough! 

Detangling combs are fabulous for gently teasing out knots when the hair is wet, and they work for every hair type including the most delicate. Because detangling hair is all about gentleness, look for something soft and with wider teeth to avoid tugging on the hair. 

Try bringing your comb right into the shower with you! You can use your detangling comb to distribute conditioner evenly through each strand of hair, and the added creaminess will make the combing process painless. 


Paddle brush

A good paddle brush will be fairly versatile, so you can use it on wet or dry hair to style or detangle. Paddle brushes are some of the best hair brushes for straight hair, especially if you’re looking to do a quick refresher mid-day. Look for a brush like our Scalp Soothing Eco Paddle Brush, with gentle, bouncy bristles that’ll soothe the scalp and a nice soft cushioning. 

If your hair is curlier, be careful working with paddle brushes as they can sometimes cause excess pulling. You may want to use a rounder brush to avoid breakage, and only when your hair is saturated with detangling mousse or conditioner. 


Boar bristle brush

Boar bristle paddle brush

One of the perks of boar brushes is the way the soft bristles glide easily through the hair and distribute healthy hair oils in the process, to increase shine. This results in less breakage, making it our recommendation as the best hair brush for delicate hair. And while you’re at it, boar bristles can feel great for massaging the scalp, promoting blood flow and healthy hair growth.

Look for a boar bristle brush with real boar bristles for that authentically soft experience. You can use a round or paddle version, but we like this multi-use paddle brush for its large natural bamboo handle. Super comfy!


Round brush 

round boar bristle brush

Round brushes are perfect for styling and creating volume, and they’re pretty much the essential hair brush for blowouts. With its rounded barrel, you’ll be able to style the hair in a versatile way, from creating lush waves to pin-straight hair. 

With soft, good-quality boar bristles, a round brush can really help to bring out the hair’s natural shine and prevent breakage. 

A round brush is also the best hair brush for curly hair that needs a bit of finessing. You can gently use it to re-twist curls that have lost their way and gotten kinky or bent since it’ll prompt your hair to move in its natural, twisty direction.


Teasing brush 

Teasing brushes are a lot thinner than conventional brushes and incorporate softer bristles. The natural bristles of a teasing brush are meant to be gentle so that you can use this brush as a styling tool, to backcomb or tease the hair. When you want a lot of drama, a teasing brush can help you craft the perfect style.

Teasing brushes are the best hair brushes for creating volume. Separate the hair into sections using the pick end of the brush, then hold the hair upright with your free hand. Take the top layer from each section and gently pull it down into a “C” shape while brushing from the ends down to the roots to create volume. Finally, use a smoothing boar bristle brush to tidy and detangle the top.


Blowout brush 

almost famous blowout brush

Like we’ve already said, when it’s time to do a blowout, you want to choose a round brush. But to really give your blowout that perfect salon finish, take it even further by opting for a 2-in-1 blowout brush. We think they’re the best hair brushes for blowouts! These multitaskers really give you the best of both worlds. They combine a hairdryer with a hairbrush, helping you dry and style hair quickly and without damage. We love anything that makes our lives easier! Who wants to stand there with a brush in one hand and a dryer in the other? 

Look for a brush like this one with a nice lightweight and ergonomic feel. To really pump up the volume, make sure that the heat passes over the bristles. 


Straightening brush

TiriPro straightening brush

Straightening or smoothing brushes incorporate a gentle heating element to work the hair without excess tugging or pulling. This is why they’re the best hair brushes for smoothing. This is basically another 2-in-1 tool that combines a straightening iron with a hairbrush. We like this option from TiriPro for its subtle infrared technology and a tourmaline-infused heating element that prevents frizziness or heat damage. Super high tech!


Brush it out! 

Great hair is an art, not a science, so don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with new brushes and techniques! Develop your own unique personal style. This is your chance to express yourself. Experience is the best teacher and practice makes perfect. 

Armed with the right tools and techniques, you’ll be blowing out, teasing, sectioning, and backcombing like a pro stylist in no time! Choosing the right hairbrush(es) might seem like a small decision, but always remember that looking your best helps you feel your best. We think you’re worth it! Tag us on Instagram @LoveGlister and use our #LoveGlister hashtag to show off the results.