Cute & Easy Hairstyles for 2023

10 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for 2023

Changing up the look of your hair can be a lot of fun, but if you’re new to styling your hair, you don’t want it to be too difficult. Here are some of our favorite easy hairstyles for every kind of occasion and experience level. We’ll give you tips for how to create each one of these styles, and let you know which styling tools you might need. 

If you’d like to keep it ultra simple and casual, we have a few suggestions for simple and cute easy hairstyles like braids and loose curls. If you want a bit more drama, we also included hairstyles that seem complicated but are secretly pretty easy. Dive right in, and see which style will inspire you! 

1. Romantic Curled Ends  

Cute easy hairstyle curly

This is a great easy hairstyle for medium hair, with romantic curled ends that look glamorous but are a breeze to achieve. Instead of having to curl your hair from top to bottom painstakingly, you can focus your efforts on the middle and end of your hair. 

The result is just as impactful, but it’s a little faster to achieve. Make sure to choose the largest curler you can find - our Max Volume Paradise Clip Curler is perfect for the job. 

2. High Ponytail

woman with easy high ponytail hairstyle


A high ponytail is one of those cute, easy hairstyles for long hair that’ll make you feel like a glamorous but youthful pop star. It’s a great way to show off your face on days when you’ve worked hard on your makeup, and it’s just as great for school as it is for special events. 

Make sure that your hair is pin-straight first, using a speedy hair straightener like our Interstellar Digital Flat Iron. Then, perfect your middle part, and use a brush to pull your hair back. Tie it off right at the crown, and then wrap a small section of hair to hide the hair tie, for that clean chic touch. 

3. Classic Messy Braid

Classic messy braid

A braid is a classic hairstyle that’s great for school, work, and even date night. It’s a little fancier than a simple ponytail, but it’s casual. When styled to look a little thicker, with some loose strands framing the face, it also achieves a boho charm. Just remember that the thickness of the braid also depends on how thick your hair is naturally.  

To ensure this braid doesn’t fall apart, the trick is to curl you hair first. This will also help add some texture and volume, for a thicker look. Once your hair is curled, you can style it into a braid. Make sure to leave two to three inches of loose hair at the bottom.

Then, pull on the braid a little to thicken it up a little more. Finally, grab a small piece of hair from the very bottom, wrap it around the hair tie, and pin or fold it in for that finished look.  

4. Double braid crown 

Double braid crown

This kind of look takes very little more time to achieve and yet it’s really impressive! This is the perfect easy hairstyle for long hair. It has a breezy vibe that’s ideal for daytime events, but styling your curls a little tighter could make it a lovely option for the evening, as well. 

Once again, curling your hair is a must. Then, separate out two sections near the front of your head and braid them while pulling the hair backward. To make the look a little more cohesive, you can occasionally bring in small sections from the crown, for a partial French braid. Tie off the ends of each braid, and then wrap them around your crown, one on top of the other. Pin them into place, and you’re done! 

5. Wavy half updo 

Easy half updo


A half-updo is a fantastic easy hairstyle for special events. It’s beautiful, elegant, and just a little boho, but blissfully easy to style. To get feathery waves like in the photo, opt for a medium-sized curler like our Interstellar Cosmic Digital Clip Curling System, and then use your fingers to separate them into waves. 

Next, separate four sections from near the front - sectioning clips will help you keep track of each section! Twist the bottom two sections while pulling them back, and then use a few bobby pins to put them in place. Next, twist and pull back the top two sections, the same way. Then, wrap them around the bottom sections, and pin them in place. Finish off your look with some cute flowers or hairpins! 

6. Lazy fishtail braid 

Easy fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are ever eye-catching, but they can take ages to create. We love this cute easy hairstyle because it helps you cut corners with your fishtail braid without losing any of its impact. 

To create this kind of style, tie your hair into a very loose, low ponytail using a large scrunchie or spiral hair tie. Make sure it’s not too tight! Then, split it into two sections. Next, alternate pulling large sub-sections of hair from the outside in. Once you’ve done this about 3 or 4 times on each side, tie off the end of the braid with a small, clear elastic. Finally, pull the loose hair tie at the top down over the braid. Use your hands to pull on sections to gently refine the look, and you’re done! 

7. Braided bun

easy hairstyle for braided hair

If you usually keep your natural hair braided, wearing it in buns can be a fun way to change your style quickly and easily. It’s especially useful if you want your braids out of your face for a day, although leaving a couple of braids loose at the sides does add to the look. You’ll want to be careful when gathering and twisting your hair, but once it’s in place, all you need is a few large pins and it’ll stay put. 

8. Wavy high ponytail

Wavy high ponytail

This is another stunning way of rocking a high ponytail. The ultra-high, pulled-back look has its restrained charm, but pairing it with curled mids and ends gives it a softer contrast. It’s one of our favorite easy hairstyles for long hair, although it’ll also look great even if you keep your hair at a medium length. 

9. Straight clipped-back hair

Easy hairstyle for long straight hair

It can be hard to find ways to get creative with straight hair, so let this look inspire you if you like your tresses straightened. It’s a great easy hairstyle for long hair that only requires a glamorous hair clip. What makes this unique clipped-back look special is that the hair isn’t clipped right at the back of the head, but a little to the side, adding asymmetrical interest.  

10. Double dutch braids 

Easy Dutch braids

Learning how to Dutch braid your hair takes a bit of effort, but once you master it you’ll discover endless options for easy hairstyles. We love this double Dutch braid look because it’s very striking but also not too time-consuming. 

You only need to braid your hair until you hit the top of your neck. Then, tie off the braids and wrap some hair around the hair tie for that finishing touch. For this look to be especially unique (and to guarantee better hold), make sure to curl your hair first. 

Keeping It Simple

Styling tools for easy hairstyles

The secret to easy hairstyles and updos is to work smart, not hard! By curling the hair only where it matters or focusing on small but punchy touches, you can achieve gorgeous looks without much effort. Having great quality styling tools also helps! Plus, as you gain a bit of experience, you can start finding your own ways to style your hair that’ll be just as eye-catching without taking too much effort.