12 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles for 2022

12 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles for 2022

The new school year is just around the corner, so we think it’s the perfect time for some Glister-approved back-to-school hairstyles for 2022! 

Whether you’re a college student looking to experiment, a teacher who wants to change up their look, or a parent looking for some ideas for your child, we’ve got a lot of easy hairstyles for school that’ll serve as inspiration.  

We also include some tips on how you can achieve each style. Our selection of looks ranges from sophisticated and professional to whimsical and fun, to get you ready for the school year.

Must-Have Tools for Back-to-School Hair

Before diving in, there are some basic accessories you should have on hand to create a few simple hairstyles. 

Hairstyling tools for back-to-school


You’ll need a wide-tooth comb to detangle, a paddle brush to smooth, and if you plan to do some classic blowouts, a round brush will be useful as well.  

Hot tools 

Having some styling tools is a must for just about any hairstyle. 

  • A blow dryer will keep your hair looking sleek and neat, and it offers a ton of versatility with just a small change in technique. 
  • A hair straightener will help you smooth out your hair, and it also makes flipped-out ends or perfect bangs easier to style. 
  • A hair curler will give you magnificent curls and waves, of course, but it’s also a useful tool for prepping your hair and ensuring that braids and updos won’t fall apart. 
  • If your hair is a little shorter or you’d like to fix your style during the school day, having some mini-sized styling tools can be especially useful!  

Accessories: The great thing about back-to-school hair is that you can have fun with it and be playful. Accessories are a great way to liven things up in an appropriate way. Our Paradise clips are great because they’re super cute and double as sectioning clips, but choose whatever your heart desires. 

Beachy waves

Wavy hairstyle for school


Simple, fun, and bouncy - waves are the perfect back-to-school hairstyle! They’re a great way of bringing some summer vacation vibes with you into the school year. Another bonus is that the best waves are prepped the night before. You can curl your hair with a big barrel curler, go to bed, and by morning they’ll loosen up into gorgeous waves. 

Straight bob

Straight hairstyle for school


If you want something a little sleek and mature but not too stuffy, a classic bob with a curtain bang is an excellent choice. Getting a perfectly straight bob is as simple as straightening your hair, but you can also achieve this look by blow drying with a paddle brush. When in the mood for a change, a travel-friendly mini-sized curler can create more playful waves. 

Messy bun

Messy bun back to school hair


You don’t have to always get fancy. A messy bun is a super easy hairstyle for school. It’s great for both students and teachers, especially if you haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days. Spray your roots with some dry shampoo for added volume, and then create a high bun. 

To make it look a little more sophisticated, make sure to leave one strand of hair loose, and then wrap it around the bun. Leave a few more sections loose at the front, and run your hair straightener over them to make sure they frame your face just so.  

Double buns

Cute back to school hairstyle with double buns


When you’re in the mood for something a little more flirty, double buns are definitely having their moment! This take on buns keeps things tight, so if you want to emulate it perfectly, make sure to create a straight middle part, and then comb your hair back as close to your scalp as you can. 

Use small elastics to create two little ponytails, before rolling them into adorable buns. A layer of hair gel at the start will also give your style that slightly wet look, but if you’re creating the style for a child you can just leave it untouched. 

Simply straight

 Cute straight hairstyle for school

You can keep things simple and classy with your easy back-to-school hairstyle if that’s what you wish! This lovely look is as simple as can be - you can just blow dry your hair gently, and use a paddle brush to guarantee that the style is a little more straight. You can even be haphazard about it, and blow dry in larger pieces so that your hair retains some texture. 

Crown braid

Crown braid romantic hairstyle for students or teachers

A romantic crown braid is excellent for keeping your or your child’s hair out of the face, and it’s truly appropriate for all ages - it could even work for teachers! Creating a flawless Dutch braid does require a bit of effort and skill. But by curling your hair first, you can at least guarantee that the style will last all day, including through gym class! 

Pinned to the side with flowers 

Back to school hairstyle for girls with hair pinned to side

As far as back-to-school hairstyles for kids go, nothing could be more adorable than hair pinned to the side! It’s a really lovely way of letting your child try something new, especially if they have a shorter haircut or voluminous curls. It’s a great way of experimenting with accessories, with flower hair clips always being a safe choice. 

Two looped-through pigtails 

Double braid hairstyle for school


This is possibly the cutest hairstyle for school that we’ve seen! Even though these “double braids” look complicated, they’re actually very easy to create. Part the hair into a middle part. Then, section the rest of the hair horizontally (this is when sectioning clips can come in handy), and create a series of small ponytails. Part each ponytail above the hair tie, and split it around the ponytail below. Do this repeatedly, and at the end, tie all ponytails together into one. Voilà - the cutest style imaginable is done!  

Pinned back curls 

back-to-school hairstyle for curly hair


Curls are always beautiful, and pinning them back at the front is a great way of changing them up in a celebratory way. All you need for this look is some miniature hair clips to hold back those front strands. This is one of our favorite school styles for curly hair! 

To make sure your curls look lush and incredible, having a quality blow drier with a diffuser is a must. Gently press the diffuser from below each curl to refine its shape, and it’ll ensure that your coils look phenomenal all day long. 

Double braids

Double braid back-to-school hairstyle

If your hair is pretty long, double braids can be a lot of fun! They’re not just for young students, either. For teachers, they add a bit of whimsy while preventing your hair from getting in the way while you teach. Styling your back-to-school braids so they sit flat near the back of your head adds an ethereal sophistication to the look, as well. Make sure to comb your hair properly before you start, to make creating those tight braids a little easier. 

Bob with flipped-out ends 

Bob hairstyle with flipped ends

If your hair is cut into a bob, it can be hard to find ways to change up your hairstyle. Flipped-out ends are having a comeback as part of the massive 70s resurgence we’re seeing, and they look great even with shorter hair. While the look is trendy, it’s still appropriate enough if your school calls for a more professional look - it’s perfect for college students and teachers alike! 

To create the look, use your mini flat iron and twist it upwards as you straighten your ends. Nothing could be easier! 

Bun with headband

Bun with headband hairstyle

We love this combination of a high bun with a headband. It transforms that messy bun into something a little more intentional. You can opt for a headband with a casual or sporty design if you’re a student, or go for a more classy design if you’re a teacher. 

Back to School in Style 

There are no strict rules when it comes to back-to-school hair. You can be creative and try one of the more playful styles, or keep things mature and sophisticated. What’s key is that your hairstyle helps you feel confident and comfortable, to set you up for success as you teach or study.