Glister Celebrates Women in NFT

At GLISTER, we’re always rooting for projects led by women. If they promote equality and diversity, you can sign us up. 

Specifically when it comes to topics related to technology and business, we’re sad to say that women are heavily under-represented. 

When NFTs became the latest and hottest digital art innovation, we weren’t surprised to discover that there weren’t many female NFT artists or project leaders…. That’s why we were so excited when we learned about World of Women, and couldn’t help but decide to get in on the project with our very own NFT purchase. 

So without further ado, we’re more than happy to introduce the latest addition to Glister World… the most elegant and fierce woman you’ve ever met: Woman 1081!

Introducing Woman 1081

World of Women NFT woman 1081

Woman 1081 is our first-ever NFT purchase. She’s one of the 10,000 NFTs that World of Women had to offer. But why did we pick her? Why didn’t we choose Woman 7461 or any of the other gorgeous designs? 

Well, apart from being literal eye candy with her stunning purple hair, matching lipstick, and cute nose ring, she represents a set of progressive principles that she doesn’t compromise for anything or anyone. 

Woman 1081 reminds us of everything we stand for in a passionate and funky way! She’s style and substance, rolled into one.

What is an NFT, anyway? 

NFT stands for “Non-fungible token.” But, what does that really mean? And why is everyone going crazy over them? And why are people paying millions for a single NFT? 

Well, NFTs are similar to trading cards. Simply put, an NFT is a one-of-a-kind “thing” that you can purchase online. An NFT can be a drawing, a song, or Elon Musk’s first tweet.

NFTs are part of a blockchain, which is a unique type of ultra-secure but shared databases that are often open-source. We’re not cryptographers, so we won’t go in-depth about how a blockchain works, but NerdWallet explains the technology well.

The most faschinating thing about NFTs and cryptocurrencies in general is their substantial social effect. Most cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are available to anyone who has access to the internet. In the not-so-distant future, one cryptocurrency could become the currency used by every country, thus connecting people financially.

That is a fairly utopian vision, however. NFTs and crypto have also had an impact on the world of art. They’ve created a new community of both male and female NFT artists and traders, bringing people from all over the world closer together. In the process, the NFT world has become the most significant opportunity for independent artists to express themselves.

Why we chose to support World of Women 

World of Women wasn’t the first NFT project that we came across, but it was the one that was more aligned with our beliefs.

The entire collection was designed by a female NFT artist named Yam Karai. She created every single character with a simple idea in mind: promoting the diversity that we women have. From different skin tones to different hairstyles and accessories, Yam Karai did a fantastic job of advocating for inclusivity and diversity in a colorful way that’s just right for Glister.

Apart from being a pioneering project for women in NFT, World of Women supports two charities plus an independent fundraiser. Two of them target problems that women still face to this day, like illiteracy and child marriage. The third one, named Strange Cintia, is a fundraiser for another crypto artist who’s suffering from a long term illness. 

So, understandably, we couldn’t not be a part of a project such as this one. Plus, we now have the queen of funk in her very own palace on Glister World!

Supporting women in the NFT space 

Projects like this define what women can accomplish in the NFT space. This new platform is the gateway for every person to express themselves, without having to fear discrimination. That includes people from every gender, race, class, sexual orientation, or religious background. 

By supporting World of Women and similar projects, we can support female NFT artists. In turn, we empower women to create a piece of art themselves and pursue the world of cryptocurrencies, which has been a “boys’ club” for far too long.

While learning about cryptocurrency and the technology behind crypto isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, making a drawing or a song is much more appealing. So, given the freedom that NFTs offer, we see no reason why women from all over the world wouldn’t dominate the NFT world. World of Women is just the start… and we’re sure that there's plenty more to come.

So, Glister champions, are you ready to draw your first NFT? We hope you feel inspired by what women can do, and channel your passions in a creative way! 

No matter what you’re up to, post a photo on Instagram and make sure to tag us @loveglister, and use our #loveglister hashtag.