Hair Color Trends for 2023

Looking to change things around with your hair color? Let the 2023 hair color trends inspire you! From the streets to the runways, this year’s hair dye and color trends are a lot of fun. 

We’re seeing an awesome mix of unusual colors inspired by Y2K and new twists on natural hair colors. Of course, some colors and dye techniques are not going anywhere, like the ultra-flattering and easy-to-maintain balayage. If you’re planning to change up your look this year, then dive into the colors we’re most excited about. 

Rose gold

Rose gold hair color trend 2023


We think rose gold is a standout hair color trend for 2023, and not just because it’s stunning! 

On the one hand, it’s creative, luminous, and positive - a color that’s guaranteed to put you in an excellent mood every time you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. On the other hand, it’s just natural enough to suit most schools and workplaces, so you won’t be breaking any dress code rules. 

The only thing to keep in mind is that achieving rose gold first means bleaching your hair down to a very pale blonde. This can take quite a toll on your hair, so stick to healthy haircare habits

Creamy blonde

Creamy blonde hair color trend 2023

We’re seeing quite a few shades of blonde coming in style this year, but one of our favorite ones is the creamy blonde. It’s a little warmer and softer, so it seems very natural (even if it isn’t) and it’s quite comforting, especially as we head into spring and summer. It’s a shade that’s tough to balance against the skin tone, though, so don’t neglect some color analysis when deciding if it’ll suit you.


Brunette balayage 2023 hair color trend


The balayage is not going anywhere. This hair-dying technique depends on your hairstylist’s hand-painting skills, to create very blended, natural-looking streaks that are randomly distributed throughout the hair. The result is hair that looks naturally sunkissed, and blissfully dark roots that keep this style very easy to maintain. 

While the blonde balayage is still extremely popular, in 2023, we’re partial to darker balayages that add a glow to natural brunette hair with a little less effort and bleach damage. If you decide to try a balayage this year, remember to also pick up a large-barrel hair curler, since the best way to show off a balayage is with wavy hair. 


Copper red 2023 hair color trend


Copper is the major shade of red for 2023. The ultra-warm, metallic tone is obsession-worthy, and with The Little Mermaid coming out soon, don’t we all want a hair color that’ll make our dreams of life under the sea come true? This style looks just as good smooth and sleek as it does styled into mermaid waves (a large-barrel curler is, of course, obligatory). 

Warm brown 

warm brown 2023 hair color trend

Keeping up with a theme of warmth, we’re loving that warm shades of chocolate brown are having a moment. If you’re a natural brunette, adding some warmth is incredibly easy. All you need is a warm-toned tint that’ll also give your hair some shine. 

If you’re also enamored with the hair texture in this photo, you should know you can help your natural curls and coils realize their full glory by using a hairdryer with a diffuser and using a lot of hair-nourishing creams and oils. 

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair color trend 2023


Ash blonde is one of the more evergreen 2023 hair color trends. This has been the winning shade for blondes for a few years now. Its neutrality makes it a flattering choice against most skin tones. It’s a very elegant blonde that works especially well in winter. 

Split color 

purple and pink split dye 2023 color trend


We started seeing split hair colors a few years back, but the memorable style is having an even bigger moment in 2023 hair colors. There’s not much to explain about it - you basically split your hair into a center part, and dye at least one side into a bright or noticeable color. There are so many pairings you can try with this half-and-half style, from blonde and brown to two different fashion colors. Either way, you’ll end up with a look that’s sure to get noticed. 

Color blocking 

Color blocked hairdye 2023 color trend


Perhaps it’s a variation on the split color theme, but another way to rock fashion colors is with color blocking. This look is best created by an expert hairdresser since dyeing only a section or quarter of your head in a way that looks clean and sophisticated isn’t as easy as you’d think it’d be. We’re enamored with this look, in particular, thanks to the stunning sunset colors added to the blonde. 

More often than not, we’ve noticed these color-blocked hair colors paired with shags and mullets, adding a modern twist to the 70s-inspired style. 

Pops of color

Blonde hair with blue tips hair color trend


Feeling blue? Little touches of color on the end are a great way to experiment with fashion colors. In 2023, we’re seeing colored ends seamlessly paired with more layered or shaggy hairstyles, including this flowy, romantic butterfly haircut. It’s a way to play with color and change things up often, but this saturated shade of blue is particularly rich and chic. 

Have a colorful 2023!

Live your life in living color! If there’s anything we learned from the 2023 hair color trends is to not be afraid of the rainbow. Whether you rock your natural color or experiment with intense fashion colors, we know your style will be show-stopping this year. 

If you do decide to embrace a color that requires a lot of bleaching, remember that your hair will need a bit more TLC than normal. Keep it moisturized and nourished, and make sure to style it with tools that won’t exacerbate the damage. 

Our line of hotties here at GLISTER is all about keeping hair healthy, smooth, and shiny, with tourmaline-infused plates that emit negative ions - to style more quickly while reducing damage. The result? Uber-shiny, happy hair no matter the color. 

So which colors will you rock in 2023? Tag us on Instagram @loveglister to let us know!