Beginner’s Guide to Hairstyling Tools

Beginner’s Guide to Hairstyling Tools

Hey, Glister Lovers! Welcome to our brand new blog, where we’ll be sharing tips, tricks, and style inspiration for all things hair.  

For our first ever article, we’re starting with the basics! We’ve put together a complete guide to the best hair styling tools for beginners. 

Now, just because someone is new to hairstyling doesn’t mean they need to use cheap or basic products. In fact, salon-grade products are the ideal hairstyling tools for tweens and teens, since they’re less likely to cause issues in the long term. 

That’s why, before we get into our hair styling tools list, we’ll first cover everything beginners to hair tools should consider when buying their essentials. 

Then, we’ve included key overviews for the main (and most essential) styling tools: blow dryers, hair curlers, and straightening irons! We’ll explain how they work, their key features, as well as a few tips for how to use those hair styling tools. 

Let’s get into it, lovelies! 

What should you look for in a beginner hair styling tool?  

Whether you’re just getting started styling your hair or you’re looking to buy hairstyling tools for tweens or teens in your life, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 

Hair styling tools for beginners

What’s your style? 

No two Glister babes are alike, so you should always choose hair tools that are as unique as your personal style. 

When you dream of how you’ll use hair styling tools, do you imagine an ultra-sleek and fierce style or something a little more flowy and free-spirited? Are you aiming to totally alter your style from week to week? 

As you read through our guide of hair tools for beginners, keep this question in mind, so you can choose the tools that’ll help you achieve your hair objectives! 


Size does matter! Some hair tools can be so heavy that they make your arms hurt, while others are so small that it takes foreeeeever to use them. The right size depends on your needs, but in general, we like our hairdryers light and easy to hold, while we prefer our straightening irons large enough to quickly style every lock of hair. 

If you’re always on the go, you might actually want mini-hair styling tools that’ll fit right in your purse and accompany you on your adventures.  

Balanced heat 

How a styling tool dispenses heat is incredibly important, both for performance and safety. Look for heated tools with a ceramic base. Ceramic components heat up quickly but evenly, and they retain a controlled, steady temperature that’s high enough to have an impact but not so high that it can damage the hair. 

At Glister, we’re partial to tourmaline-infused ceramics, because the tourmaline gem outputs negative ions that seal the hair cuticle to prevent frizziness and split-ends (science--gotta love it!). 

Safety features

Especially if you’re buying hair styling tools for tweens, certain safety features are incredibly important. Any tool you buy should shut itself off after about an hour, to prevent disaster should you or your child have a moment of forgetfulness. Tools like curling irons that have exposed heating elements should come with a cool-touch tip to prevent skin burns. 


We’re past the days of causing power outages when we want to style our hair. Nowadays, the best styling tools (i.e. anything we make here at Glister) are made with worldwide voltage, so while you might need a power outlet adapter, you’ll know that your tools will work just fine no matter where you plug them in. 


The cord is an oft-overlooked element, but it actually makes a big difference. First, there’s the question of length: A short cord restricts your movement by forcing you to stay close to the power outlet, which is why you should always look for a cord that’s long enough to comfortably allow you to style your hair in the mirror. 

Just as important is the question of swivel. When you style your hair, you’ll find yourself twisting and turning your tools around to get the perfect angle for the look you’re trying to achieve. With many tools, the cord will end up totally tangled around the base, so you’ll have to stop and untangle it over and over again. That’s why all Glister tools are fitted with a swivel cord that stays put no matter how you move, so you’ll never get caught up in it. 


You’re a fascinating creature, so why should your hair styling tools be gray and boring? Playing with hair and getting creative should be fun, and having gorgeous tools helps! That’s why every Glister styling tool comes in a range of colors and fashionable styles, to suit your tastes and spark your imagination. 

The styling tools every beginner should know 

With the essential features all covered, now let’s get into the basic hairs tools for beginners to know!  

Blow dryers 

young woman using a blow dryer 

A blow dryer is the one essential hair tool every beginner needs to master. Blow dryers don’t just dry the hair, but they also help style and alter its shape. 

Depending on your technique and the styling brush you use, you can end up with a smooth and volumized look, a gentle wave, or even pin-straight hair. You can also use a blow dryer to enhance your natural hair texture, especially if you use it along with a diffuser. 

When choosing hair styling tools for beginners, look for a light-weight design. Using a heavy blow dryer can make your arms tired to the point of soreness the next day! That’s why we designed the Interstellar Blow Dryer to be featherlight. 

Dryer nozzles 

It’s also important to check what kind of attachments your dryer comes with. Using a blow dryer without any attachments to direct the heat can overwhelm or damage the hair. The two essential nozzles are a diffuser and a concentrator. 

  • A diffuser is ideal for drying the hair. Its bowl-like shape and tiny holes disperse the heat, which helps dry the hair quickly and gently, without any frizziness or heat damage. It’s the essential hair styling tool for curly hair, especially, since it enhances each strand’s natural curve. 
  • The concentrator is responsible for directing the airflow to a focused area, which is helpful when you want to style your hair into a specific look. You can concentrate the heat on the specific piece of hair you’re brushing, for a dramatic straight, wavy, or curly style. 

Curling irons

young woman curling her hair

Next, we’ve got curling irons, which are probably our favorite tool here at Glister! After all, what’s better than a head of bouncing curls or beachy waves? 

Curling irons are heated cylinders with an attached clip. All you have to do is wrap your hair around them, and the heat will help lock your strands in a curl. 

They’re shockingly versatile! A smaller curler can give you tight little coils, while a large one will give voluminous curls or waves. After curling, you can use your fingers or a paddle brush to gently tousle the hair for a beachy look. Curl each section of hair in different directions for the daytime, or go all in one direction for a glamorous retro style. 

Hair straighteners

Smiling girl straightening her bangs

Hair straighteners are sometimes also called flat irons or straightening irons. As you can probably tell from the name, they give that ultra-smooth and sleek look to the hair. They’re essentially made of two heated plates that come together over a section of hair, and as they emanate heat they also smooth it out.  

Straight hair comes in and out of style, but it’s always a great choice when you want to feel like a total boss and put out clear vibes that you won’t be messed with. It’s not a mandatory tool, but if you love the style, you should absolutely invest in one. 

The cool thing about hair straighteners is that they can be used in a few different ways. You can use one all over the head for a pin-straight look or you can use it just for your bangs. In a pinch, a hair straightener can even help curl your hair! 

From beginner to pro in no time! 

When you first start building your collection and learning how to use hairstyling tools, the process can seem a little intimidating. However, once you see the results and experience the difference that the best hairstyling tools for beginners can make, your trepidation will disappear. You’ll have a blast as you change up your look from day-to-day, and before you know it, you’ll be a master. 

With love, 



Check back in on our blog to learn more tips and tricks about all things hair. We’re here to help you on your journey to hairstyling freedom!