How to Style Short Hair This Summer 2021

How to Style Short Hair This Summer 

Summer has arrived! The sun is shining, so you might be wondering what to do with your hair now that it’s so hot but we’re all going outside again. If you’re looking to change things up with a short haircut or to try a new way to style your short tresses, then don’t worry—we’ve got you! 

We are ready to usher in the hot weather with a ton of trendy, easy short hairstyles you can try, as well as inspiration photos you can bring to your hairdresser. We’ve put together this guide for short-haired babes or anyone aspiring to become one. 

We have tips on how to style short hair to achieve each look, and which products will best help your hair stay in place so you can look your best on Zoom calls or out with friends. 

Straight pixie for short hair

Pixie haircut


Many of us are already familiar with this short hairstyle, featured on many plucky heroines from early 2000’s tv shows and movies. Paired with the right eyeliner, a straight pixie cut can convey power and elegance whether you’re in a monochromatic tracksuit or a tailored professional pantsuit. 

If you have naturally straight or slightly wavy hair, this style is easy to achieve and maintain with a quick swipe of a mini hair straightener. Mini hair straighteners are excellent for short hair because they allow you to straighten the entire strand from scalp to tip without the risk of burning yourself. 

The Mini Adventurist Flat Iron is perfect for this, with its one-pass floating plates that get your hair straight on the first try. The plates combine tourmaline and ionic technology to achieve a silky smooth finish. The best part? The price! For only $30, this hair straightener will have you looking like a boss. 

Curly pixie for short hair

Curly pixie for short hair


I know, many of you are thinking, “my wild mane will not be tamed with a mini hair straightener!”  Don’t worry – we have a perfect short hairstyle for curly hair. Your wild curls will also look fantastic in a pixie cut! 

You can style your curls the way you normally do, but if you’re new to curly hair we suggest drying your hair in a pillowcase or t-shirt rather than a towel. Then, apply a mousse to define your curls. If your hair is more wavy than curly, use our “Mini Curls” Travel Clip Curler to make sure those front pieces look exactly as you want them to. The mini curler, featuring the same technology as the flat iron, will help you look your best in minutes. 

Bob hairstyle for short hair

sleek short bob hairstyle @the_bob_haircut

Another excellent use for a mini hair straightener is to finesse a sleek bob. If your hair extends past your chin, however, consider using a regular-sized hair straightener, instead. 

This classic style fits in anywhere, and all it takes is a quick 5 minutes with a hot tool to get every hair perfectly in place. Our Limited Edition 1.25” Paradise After Dark Flat Iron will quickly and smoothly get your hair salon-sleek. It even comes with a clip-on selfie ring so you can snap a photo of your luscious locks when you’re done. To really finish off this look, consider using a shine spray to really help your hair catch the sunlight. 

Textured bob for short hair

Textured bob for short hair


Are you looking for a short hairstyle for fine hair? A textured bob is a cute short hairstyle that helps give the illusion of thick volume. This cut works well if you have wavy or curly hair, but if you have straight fine hair you can use the Digital 2inONE Twist Flat Iron with Rose Gold Titanium Plates to help you achieve effortless waves. 

Use a tiny bit of hair wax to keep the pieces separated and achieve maximum volume, but be careful not to use too much to keep your hair bouncy. 

Boycut for short hair

Boycut for short hair


If you have ever wanted to look like you front a boy band, there is no better time than now! Androgynous hairstyles have been steadily rising in popularity over the past few years, and they’re not going away any time soon. 

What’s the point in having short hair if you can’t save time getting ready in the morning? Thanks to blow dry hair brushes, this style is easier to achieve than ever before. The AF Swept Away 2 –in-1 Volumizing Dryer Blowout Brush will have you leaving the house as if you just stepped out of the salon. Save time and energy with this lightweight hair tool, and cut down on your prep time by blow-drying your hair while you brush it up. Make sure you put in a bit of gel or pomade to ensure your hair stays where you want it to. 

Textured short boycut 

Textured short boycut


Don’t want to blow dry your hair every day? Get your hairstylist to give you a choppier haircut, and add a side-shave for an edgy twist. This style is easy to maintain. 

For nights out use, just a tiny bit of pomade or wax to keep your hair from blending together. It’ll look just as cool with your natural hair color as it would bleached platinum.

Bowl cuts for short hair

colorful short bowlcut with side shave


Are you looking for the perfect on-trend style for short hair with bangs? Consider getting a bowl cut. Bowl cuts have gotten a 2021 update, so they are no longer relegated to the frumpy fashion of the past. 

Whether you choose to get colorful or keep your natural hair, bowl cuts are making a statement this summer. This is another cute short hairstyle that really benefits from getting smoothed with a mini hair straightener. Keep one around for those days when you want to look picture perfect before you hit up a patio.

Fades for short hair

Fades for short hair


A truly easy hairstyle for short hair: the fade. While this style needs regular maintenance from a professional, it requires no tools or products for daily styling. It’s another great way of rocky androgynous hair this summer! If you’d rather keep things femme, just load up on the makeup. 

If you’re interested in trying this style, don’t feel restricted with who is available at your salon – many men’s barbershops will be happy to give you a perfect fade.

Asymmetrical hairstyle for short hair

Asymmetrical hairstyles for short hair


This is an edgier take on the textured bob, for those who like to avoid the obvious. The asymmetrical bob is an excellent short hairstyle for thin hair, plus, it just gets cuter as it grows out. 

Looking your best with this style does take a bit of extra prep. Use a blow dryer with a round brush to fluff up the long side. We recommend our Interstellar Blow Dryer with Adjustable Airflow Technology – it’s light and has ionic technology that gives fast results while protecting the integrity of your hair. Hit that cool button to keep your hair from frizzing while you dry it. 

Pick up a 50mm Boar Bristle Round Brush to help with the styling. The boar bristles smooth the hair as they brush it. To make this look even edgier, consider asymmetrical earrings to go with your asymmetrical cut. 

Edgy side-shave for short hair 

Edgy side-shave for short hair


Not sure if you prefer a fade, a boy cut, or something asymmetrical? Whether you’re into punk music or just like to look edgy on your city streets, you can combine all of these looks with a mohawk or a faux-hawk. Instead of gelling the strands up, use our mini hair curler to create artful curls and waves for a softer look. 

Vintage hairstyles for short hair 

Vintage hairstyle for short hair


It’s the 20s again, so we love bringing back the vintage vibes with this cute hairstyle for short hair. If you like making a statement, you may want to try finger waves. 

This hairstyle is achieved with a lot of gel, hair clips, and a lot of patience. Our Paradise Hair Sectioning Clips will help set your hair into wider waves for ultimate feminine elegance. 

Extensions for short hair 

Extensions for short hair


Tired of short hair and impatient at how long it takes to grow it out? Clip-in extensions are a great way to feel like you have long hair without having to worry about that awkward in-between stage of hair growth. 

Smooth your hair back into a ponytail with a Detangling Bamboo Paddle Brush with Boar Bristles, then attach the extension of your choice. You can buy clip-in extensions that sit under your hair if you want to look like you stepped out of a fairytale, in which case this brush will help smooth out any tangles as it can handle any texture.

Wedding hairstyle for short hair

wedding hairstyle for short hair


The best part about short hair is how well it complements everything from hair bands to hair clips. If you’re looking for wedding hairstyles for short hair, a simple wire tiara with a stone of your choice will help complete your look. Just make sure to lightly wave or curl your hair first with a mini curler! 

You can also consider a birdcage veil rather than a traditional veil, or a jeweled clip to keep your hair out of your eyes so you can properly see your loved one. Alternatively, leave your hair free and go crazy with earrings - your short hairstyle is the perfect way to show them off. 

Short and sweet

We weren’t kidding when we said we had a ton of hairstyles for short hair! We hope we gave you something to get excited about, especially now that you have perfect weather for showing off your style.

Post your photos, give us your best tips for styling or caring for short hair, and make sure to tag us @loveglister and use our #loveglister hashtag.