How to Style Thick Hair

How to Style Thick Hair

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ll know that thick is in. Thick hair, that is. There are many styles that can only be achieved with thick hair, and we want to give you your best hot girl summer to date. 

We’ve put together a complete guide for your luscious hair type! To start, we’ve selected all of the best hairstyles for thick hair, including thick hair haircut ideas and tips to help you achieve each look.

Thick hair means volume and amazing updos, but it can also be heavy and difficult to style, not to mention it gets so hot in the summer. We have tool and product suggestions! We’ll explain what makes our recommendations the best for the job, to guarantee that every day is a great hair day. 


Best haircuts and hairstyles for thick hair 

Looking to get inspired? To start, have a look at our selection of the best hairstyles for thick hair! 

Short hairstyles for thick hair

Short hairstyle for thick hair

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A pixie cut is a great short hairstyle for thick hair. Your hair is thick enough to totally cover the scalp, while still giving you room to play with unique shaves and fades. Plus, with a bit of styling cream or pomade our mini curler, you can shape the hair into an effortlessly cool look. 

Sleek bob for thick hair 

Sleek bob for thick hair


Do you have thick, straight hair? You’re in luck because a sleek, structured bob is another easy hairstyle for thick hair. Not only will this short thick hair haircut keep you cool in the summer, but it’s also versatile. It will upgrade your work-from-home joggers to stylish and street-ready. If straight hair doesn’t come naturally to you, our mini hair straightener is perfect for short locks. It keeps every hair in place and it comes with a cute bag!

Short layered haircut for thick hair

Short layered bob for thick hair


If your hair has a bit of a natural wave, a textured bob will be easier to maintain than a straight bob. This effervescent look will have you heading into summer feeling refreshed! The added bangs add a sweet, youthful touch. 

Medium length hairstyle for thick hair

medium length hairstyle for thick hair


This is a great easy hairstyle for thick hair that’s about medium length. The layers add dimension, especially when combined with highlights. If you want to look like a shampoo commercial, consider using a shine or finishing spray before you start your day. 


Mullet for medium length thick hair 

mullet for thick hair


We know what you’re thinking - the mullet should stay in the 80s. However, this look is back with an update as a medium-length hairstyle for thick hair. It works best if you have natural curls and want to look edgy rather than sweet. When in a ponytail, the short curls left behind gently frame your face. Don’t have natural curls but want this look? A medium barrel hair curler will help you achieve it.

Long hairstyles for thick hair

long hairstyle for thick hair


Whether you wear your long hair straight, wavy, or curly, long hair will always be in style. Make sure you trim the split ends regularly so you look like a princess instead of a witch, and check out the styling tools below for the best straighteners or curlers for your hair. 

Big hairstyle for thick natural hair

hairstyle for natural thick hair


Who says you have to do anything to your hair? If you have naturally thick textured hair, try embracing it. The important thing is to take good care of it with moisturizing treatments. If your hair needs help to stay big, a spritz of hairspray or mousse won’t let you down. 

Braids for thick hair 

braid for thick hair


Most braided hairstyles are made specifically for thick hair. You have the volume and length to get multiple, complex, thick braids woven into intricate designs. If your hair is layered, try using a bit of gel when you braid your hair to help the flyaways behave. Braids are a great way to tame your locks and can be fun to accessorize with beads and rings. If this is a hairstyle you’re interested in, make sure you’re being respectful to other cultures. 

Color for thick hair

rainbow color for thick hair


Thick hair can handle a bit of bleach and damage without falling out. This makes it perfect for experimenting with color! Use a sulfate-free shampoo and hydrating hair masks to keep your hair healthy after the process, and always go to a salon to bleach your hair before dying it. 

Choosing the best styling tools for thick hair

Finding the right tools that will permeate your hair follicles can be tricky, especially since most recommendations rely on high heat which can be damaging. We have alternatives that will keep your hair healthy while giving you consistent great hair days. 

Best blow dryer for thick hair 

Blow dryer for thick hair

One of the disadvantages of thick hair is that it can take forever to dry. There are many things you could be doing with your time other than waiting around for your hair to air dry. Finding the right blow dryer that will work quickly without damaging the strands with heat used to be a challenge. 

Thanks to ionic hair dryers, your hair will dry faster and smoother than with older designs. Ionic hair dryers blast negative ions at your hair, repelling water (which has positive ions).  This gets the hair dry without over-heating the water and steaming your hair, which can cause damage and frizz. 

Our Interstellar Blow Dryer is an ionic hairdryer, which makes it one of the best hair dryers for thick hair. Not only will it repel water molecules, but you can also adjust the airflow and heat to find the perfect combination for your tresses. It’s lightweight, which is perfect for hair that takes longer to dry because your arm won’t tire from holding it for ages! 

No matter what hair type you have, you’ll benefit from the included attachments. If you have curly hair, you’ll love the anti-frizz diffuser. If you have straight or hair that can’t decide, the concentrator nozzle will help you prep those strands for the straightener or curler.

To achieve the perfect blowout, combine the blow dryer with this round boar bristle brush for shiny, bouncy hair, or save time with the AF Swept Away 2inOne Volumizing Dryer Blowout Brush. Blow-dry brushes are the best if you never quite got the hang of the traditional method for blowouts. They’re increasingly popular because they’re so easy to use and make you look like you just stepped out of the salon. 

Best hair straightener for thick hair

You may have heard that you should use titanium hair tools for thick hair. This was because titanium gets hotter and heats more evenly than ceramic, which was necessary to properly straighten, dry, or curl thick hair. Nowadays, you can get pin-straight hair without high heat with tourmaline hair straighteners. Tourmaline naturally produces negative ions when heated, which combined with infrared rays penetrates the hair without causing damage.

Our New Interstellar Digital Flat Iron with Cosmic Tourmaline features tourmaline plates and comes in a variety of colors to fit your esthetic. With a quick heat-up time of only 45 seconds, you’ll have sleek locks in no time. This straightener comes with the added feature of a 60-minute auto safety shutoff, so no more worrying about if you left the straightener on! 

If you want to stick with what you know, the Almost Famous MaxLength 1” Flat Iron with Rose Gold Titanium Plates will also do the trick. Just like the Interstellar, this iron comes in a variety of colors, and it’s lightweight. 


Best curling iron for thick hair 

curling iron for thick hair

The rules for hair curlers are the same for straighteners. The best curling iron for thick hair will set your curls and actually hold, without causing damage. The New Interstellar Cosmic Digital Clip Curling System has all the same features as the straightener, including tourmaline plates, the 60-minute auto shutoff, and adjustable temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you find curling wands easier than curling irons, we suggest the Almost Famous Glam Series 32mm Curling Wand with Gem infused Barrel. This curling wand features ionic tech to decrease frizz, a tourmaline-infused ceramic barrel, and a wider rubber end to give you more space to hold the wand with, in case you lose the heat-resistant styling glove. 


Why not both? 

If you’re looking for one product that does it all, the Digital 2inONE Twist Flat Iron with Rose Gold Titanium Plates can curl or straighten due to its split barrel design. The titanium plates heat up fast, and the best part is if you change your mind halfway through straightening or curling you don’t have to heat up another tool to change your look. 

Extra tips for thick hair 

Combe brush for thick hair

From suggesting the best hair brushes for thick hair to finding good hair products, we have a few extra style tips! 

  • When choosing a hairbrush, boar bristles are well known for creating a smooth finish. 
  • On the other hand, if you struggle with tangles, a nylon paddle brush is a great choice that’s tough on tangles but gentle on your locks. 
  • A wide-tooth comb will help you sort through thick tangles. 
  • To make your hair look its best, comb your hair while you have conditioner in to help distribute the conditioner evenly and prevent your hair from breaking. 
  • Remember to use moisturizing cream or oil if you plan on using heat tools consistently - your thick hair can handle the extra product without getting greasy. 
  • Using a heat styling primer spray can decrease blow-dry times, and will also offer added protection from heat damage. 
  • Opt for spiral bobby pins over traditional ones, since they can help keep your hair in place when trying more elaborate styles 

In the thick of it

With patios opening up and more places to socialize outside of our homes, these style tips will make sure all eyes are on you! Your thick hair won’t be a bother, but a natural gift you can totally celebrate.  

Post your photos, give us your best tips for styling or caring for thick hair, and make sure to tag us @loveglister and use our #loveglister hashtag.