TikTok Hair Trends 2022: Styles We’re Obsessed With

TikTok Hair Trends 2022: Styles We’re Obsessed With

TikTok creates and then swallows beauty trends in an instant, but every once in a while something manages not just to catch but also keep our attention. Right now, these are the TikTok hair trends that have really stuck with us!

If you’re looking for some new inspiration, whether it’s for a new styling technique or haircut, you’ll know you’re on the cutting edge with these TikTok hairstyle ideas.

#1 Middle part

TikTok hair middle part

TikTok has single-handedly made sure that the only way to part your hair is through the middle! Almost every look starts by parting the hair down the center, so put aside your hairbrush and pick up a comb. Use the handle the comb to figure out the exact center of your face, and then use the tip to create the part.

#2 Elaborate ponytails (that are secretly easy)

One of our favorite TikTok hair trends is ponytails that seem very elaborate, but are secretly easy to achieve! This video clearly shows how to get an amazing wrap around ponytail with only two elastics.

However, to get the full look you’ll have to curl your hair in advance. This TikToker used a clip curler, and we suggest our New Interstellar Cosmic Digital Clip Curling System.

@brylkaproject Wedding guests hairstyle ✨#hairtutorial #hairstyles #summerhair #hairtutorials #hairinspiration #hairstylist #hairtok #hairstylist #hairhacks ♬ ...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift

#3 Slick updos

Slicked back hair works for any hair length and any hair type and is a common TikTok hairstyle. Not only is this a look you can wear at school or at work, but it’s also a great way to hide the fact that it’s probably hair wash day.

To guarantee that your sleek look will look as neat and smooth as possible, make sure to straighten your hair first. It's really only the front sections that need smoothing, so our Mini Adventurist Straight Iron is perfect for the job despite its small size.

@stxph.h no one will know if u haven’t washed ur hair for days 🤫 #fypシ #foryou #hairstyles #hairtutorials #hairinspo #cleanlook #middleparthairstyle #sidepartnation #hairstyletutorials ♬ SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY - Remix - Amaarae & Kali Uchis

#4 Wavy split-dyed hair

Split dyes are a really cool TikTok hair color trend, and we’ve seen them with every color imaginable. A split dye is when the hair has a clear part between one color and the next, and this TikToker keeps the look workplace friendly by choosing natural colors.

After she gets her tresses dyed she styles it into beachy waves with a large-barrel iron like our Paradise Max Volume Curler. The oversized barrel creates that perfect S-wave, and the adjustable heat will keep you from frying your hair if it’s been recently bleached.

@chloe.messimer thankful to have a bestie hair dresser who’s down for my crazy ideas #tothesalon #fyp #haircolor #hairtransformation #cruella #avedasalon @oh_cay0 ♬ to the salon - char 😵‍💫

#5 Vibrant color

TikTok is filled with a variety of people of many different ages with vibrant hair, and we love this TikToker’s choice to go green. She takes us through every step of the process, including the moment where she worries she made a mistake or chose the wrong color. The end result is a stunning dark green balayage, with a beautifully layered cut to show off all the different tones.

@littlegreenlovers bestie this is ur sign to ignore the haters & just send it #hairtransformation #haircolor #transformation #hairstyle #tothesalon ♬ to the salon - char 😵‍💫

#6 Face-framing curtain bangs

Right now, TikTok haircuts are all about curtain bangs. The TikToker below shows how you can cut your own curtain bangs at home with a hair brush, sectioning clips, and crafting scissors! To style your curtain bangs so that they frame your face just right, make sure to also give them a bit of a twist with a mini clip curler.

@zara.howey Cutting my own curtain bangs💇🏻‍♀️ i was so scared to do this😭 follow me for more!! #curtainbangs #curtainbangtutorial #cuttingmyhair #hairtutorial ♬ Classic - MKTO

#7 That 70s hair

The 70s resurgence is going strong, including on TikTok! As far as haircuts go, this look calls for long straight-across bangs. Rest assured, it’ll work no matter your hair length! Using a large round brush and blow dryer, it’s all about wrapping the hair inwards as you style. Check out the video below using our lightweight but fast-drying Interstellar Blow Dryer.

@sarah.bane Everyone was asking to see my haircut styled straight, so here it is! #70sshag #shaghaircut #70shaircut #70shair #retrohair #70saesthetic #70stiktok ♬ The Hustle - Silver Disco Explosion

#8 Long shaggy layers

One of the hottest TikTok haircuts right now is all about combining extreme layers with curtain bangs. It’s astounding with long hair, but it also looks great as a medium-length style!

Depending on your hair type, you may want to blow out your hair to get the same volume shown in the video below. We suggest the AF Swept Away 2-in-1 Volumizer Dryer Blowout Brush because it’s simple and oh so fast to use.

@shrwhatever My hair stylist really is that bitch tbh #ROMWEGetGraphic #haircut #curtainbangs #hairtok #harrystyles #tpwk ♬ Jealous Girl - Tik Toker

#9 Twist outs

Many TikTok hair transformations are less about the trip to the salon and more about the before and after you can achieve in your own home. We love this example of how you can transform naturally curly or coily hair into a voluminous style, simply by pulling out some twist-outs. This TikToker had amazing hair before, but her after look is truly fantastic.

@meliszamcfierce The definition though 😍 #twistout #4chair #4bhair #kinkyhairtutorial ♬ original sound - Yourhonius2

#10 Knowing your curl type

One of the best TikTok hair trends is knowing your curl type, and we love that TikTokers tag theirs. Curly hair is finally getting the attention it deserves, and thanks to TikTok more people are learning the difference between wavy and curly, and learning how to moisturize their curls properly. This TikTok is a duet with people with two very different curl types showing off the same hairstyles, and the positivity is evident.

@ayanna_moise #duet with @fishintheforest this was SO fun to duet. Ur a stunning human being 💛 #curlyhair #hairstyles #3c #kinkyhair #hairtutorial #curlygirl ♬ Plastic Beach (feat. Mick Jones and Paul Simonon) - Gorillaz

Show off your style!

There are so many different hair styles and tutorials on TikTok so if you’re looking to amp up your hair game, that’s the place to look! And if you need products to help you create it, our line of Glister hair styling tools is designed to make hairstyling fun and easy. 

There’s nothing wrong with trying something new and uploading a quick video of your own. Whether you share it on Instagram or TikTok, we want to know about it, so make sure to tag us @loveglister and use the #loveglister hashtag.