What’s a Hair Blowout? How to Do a Blowout at Home

No hairstyle is as glamorous or timeless as a classic blowout. When you’re in the mood to look simply amazing, it’s the obvious style to choose! In a way, it’s a fundamental hairstyle, but mastering the hair blowout is not an easy matter. It requires some skill, artistry, patience, and a high-quality blow dryer. 

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to do a blowout, with the key tips for a voluminous, lasting-style, right at home! 

What is a Blowout for Your Hair? 

A blowout is a hairstyling technique that helps to dry the hair and style it into a smooth, neat style with some volume. It’s done with a blow dryer that emits hot air. 


The combination of heat and airflow causes moisture to evaporate from the hair while also manipulating its shape. A blowout can result in straight hair or luxurious waves, depending on how it’s carried out and what type of brush you use. 

Choosing a Blowout Hair Dryer and Other Tools

Before you can create the perfect blowout at home, there are a few tools that are absolutely essential to have on hand. 

  • A quality hair dryer is a must. Choose a blow dryer with a powerful motor, so that it can quickly dry your hair and infuse it with volume without having to rely on too much heat. Our Interstellar Blow Dryer is ideal for the process - it’s engineered with Infinity Flow Technology and has an advanced Far Infrared ceramic heater that helps water evaporate faster while keeping the hair healthy.  
  • A brush is another essential tool. Our Paddle Brush will create a sleek, straight style. For a more classic blowout, you’ll need a round brush - we’re fans of the boar bristle round brush from TiriPro. 
  • Keeping your hair in place will be much easier if you have some clips on hand. Our Paradise Hair Clips are ideal because they keep your tresses organized and out of the way without creating bends in your hair. 
  • Finally, you’ll also need a heat protectant spray that will help mitigate any heat damage, especially if your hair is brittle or colored. 

6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Blowout 

Yes, you can do a blowout at home! Here are the key steps to the process. 

1. Wash

Start with slightly damp hair. If you’ve just gotten out of the shower, you can use a towel or T-shirt to gently dry your hair. Another option, once you’ve squeezed out the excess water from your hair, is to use the blow dryer on a low heat setting. Move the dryer around your head quickly, and use your fingers to disperse your hair as you do this, to make sure all strands become fairly dry. 

2. Prep

Once your hair is about 70% less damp, detangle it with a wide-tooth comb to make sure there are no tangles! Then, apply a heat protectant spray, making sure to work it in evenly through every strand. You can use your paddle brush to work it into your hair even better. 

Then, part your hair into sections. Using your hair clips, clip up the top half of your hair, so you can start out by blow-drying the underlayer. The more sections you clip up, the easier it’ll be for you to make sure you effectively blow dry every last strand. 

3. Choose your style

How you wrap your hair around the brush will impact the final result:  

  • Using the paddle brush from the underside of your hair will result in a very sleek, straight blowout.  
  • Using a round brush from above will also result in a smoother blowout but with a bit more movement. 
  • Wrapping your hair around the paddle brush and then twisting it as you dry each section will result in a slightly wavy, bouncy blowout. The direction in which you wrap your hair around the brush is also the direction in which the waves will flow. 
  • The larger the brush, the more rounded and voluminous your hair, while a smaller brush will lead to tighter, almost curl-like waves.  

4. Start drying

Now you can start blow drying the underlayer of your hair, section by section. Use your paddle brush or round brush to grab onto the first piece of hair to blow dry. 

Hold the blow dryer from above the section of hair, and make sure the nozzle always points downward toward the ends. This ensures that the hot air doesn’t push against the grain of your hair, which can lead to frizziness. 

Make multiple passes to ensure coverage from top to bottom, and avoid holding the blow dryer over one spot for too long, or else you can damage your hair. 

Once you’ve finished the lower section of your hair, let down the next section and blow dry it in the same fashion. 

5. Volumize the roots

Once most of your hair has been dried, pay special attention to the roots. The best way to achieve healthy volume is to bring your hairbrush from below the roots, and curve it so that they can retain some height as you dry them. You can hold the blow dryer from slightly below, as long as it’s angled away from the roots toward the ends. 

6. Seal and style

Once you’ve finished blow drying your hair, finalize your look by fixing your part and zhuzhing up any flat areas. Check if there are any spots that aren’t as smooth as you’d like - you can always dampen them slightly and then re-dry them. 

Finally, you can use a little more hair oil to tame flyaways and give your hair a glossy sheen. If you’d like your look to last through some tough conditions, you can mist it with a light layer of flexible hold hairspray.     

How Long Does a Blowout Last?

As long as you keep your hair dry, your blowout can easily last for a few days, and even up to a week! The secret to a long-lasting blowout is using a quality heat-protectant spray before you start. At night, sleep on a silk pillowcase that will disrupt your hair less. You can also sleep with rollers or roll your hair around a scarf to ensure it retains some of its volume.  

Is It Good to Blowout Your Hair?

While heat styling isn’t exactly the best for our hair, a blowout is one of the less damaging hairstyling techniques.  

Plus, there are many steps you can take to make sure it’s not too damaging! By using a heat protectant spray and keeping the temperature low, you can make sure that your blowout is as gentle on your hair as possible. Additionally, don’t hold the blow dryer too close to your hair, and make sure to keep it moving to prevent hot spots. 

Is a Blowout the Same as a Blowdry?

A blowout is a type of blow-drying technique that doesn’t just dry your hair but also makes sure it looks elegant and voluminous. A blowout isn’t exactly the same as a blowdry, since there are other ways to blowdry your hair that achieve different results, like diffusing curls. 

Blow Them Away

Are you ready to blow everyone away with your blowout hairstyle? It’s easy to think of blow-drying as something basic, but it’s actually a technique that requires skill and practice to master. 

Make sure you have the right tools in your arsenal before you start - It’ll be pretty tough to achieve a great blowout with a weak hotel blow dryer, after all! Aside from that, take your time and enjoy the process.