What’s the Deal With Ceramic Tourmaline?

What’s the Deal With Ceramic Tourmaline?

In the world of heat styling tools, ceramic tourmaline (“tor-muh-leen”) is one of those fancy terms that gets tossed around a lot. But what makes it so special? Does it live up to the hype? And most importantly, is ceramic tourmaline the best choice when you’re shopping for hair tools? 

Our hair is delicate, so when we apply heat to it, it’s critical to use the right tools and the right techniques! In this article, we’ll share some of the secrets behind this magical mineral and explain why it’s an essential component in every Glister styling tool. We’ll go over some of the different hair tools that incorporate it, and we’ll show you how it compares to the other options on the market. 

What is tourmaline?

tourmaline gem stone

Photo by Sabrinna Ringquist on Unsplash

Ok, let’s get into the nitty-gritty! Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral classified as a semi-precious gemstone. It has some incredibly unique properties that make it more practical than its sparkly counterparts. Most of the world’s tourmaline is mined in South America, Africa, and parts of Asia. At Glister, we source our sparkling tourmaline from Japan.

So what’s so special about tourmaline? Why is it found in so many heat styling tools? The short answer: negative ions. It’s all about the science, babes!

Unlike most other clear gems, tourmaline is piezoelectric, which means that it can accumulate an electric charge and emit negative ions. Don’t let the word ‘negative’ fool you, though. There are a ton of positive benefits to using tourmaline. 

Ions are electrically charged molecules that float through the atmosphere. Negative ions are found all over and can be generated by UV rays, growing plants, and even under waterfalls. Many people believe that exposure to negative ions can yield beneficial health effects. While further scientific research is needed for some of the more dramatic claims, when it comes to hair, the results speak for themselves.  

What are tourmaline’s hair benefits? 

Can you handle the heat? Tourmaline can! 

We touched on the amazingness of tourmaline, but let’s talk about its hair benefits in more detail. 

Tourmaline heat styling tools generate exponentially more negative ions than their plain or metallic counterparts, which helps to keep the hair looking fly! 


Smoothes the cuticles 

The main benefit of tourmaline hair styling tools is that they make the hair shiny and smooth while preserving its health. The negative ions seal the hair cuticles, which means less frizz, static, and flyaways. This also helps to seal moisture into the hair, for healthier locks. Other hair tools usually do the opposite, so this is a major factor in favor of tourmaline.   

Faster drying 

The negative ions also speed up the hair drying process. They cause water molecules to divide more quickly, which results in speedier blowouts! Even better? Negative ions work even at lower temperatures, so you can keep the heat low as you blow-dry. 

Even heat distribution 

Finally, tourmaline offers very even heat distribution. This means that tourmaline curling irons and flat irons manage to heat the hair quickly yet gently, without any hot spots damaging the hair. 

What are ceramic tourmaline hair tools?

Ceramic tourmaline is used in all kinds of hair tools that incorporate heat. The colorful crystal is ground into a fine powder and then infused into the ceramic plates or internal components of different styling tools. 

When heat is applied, the material emits its negative ions. This is what tames frizz and locks in moisture. You’ll find the gemstone in the ceramic components of many flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. 

Which hair types is tourmaline best for? 

All hair types can benefit from tourmaline, but it’s best for those that need a little extra TLC. 

Tourmaline tools are a great choice if you’re dealing with fine or damaged hair, or even if you’re just concerned about the negative effects of heat damage. 

It can also help bring out the shine in coarse hair since it locks in the hair’s natural moisture. Finally, because of its trademark negative ions, tourmaline can help to gently tame frizzy hair.

Tourmaline vs ceramic hair tools

Ceramic styling tools are a staple for pro and home stylists alike. This non-metallic material produces some negative ions and distributes heat quickly and evenly. 

Tourmaline styling tools are actually made of ceramic that’s infused with the gorgeous gem! Hair tools infused with tourmaline produce six times as many negative ions as pure ceramic, so they offer even shinier results with minimal damage.

Tourmaline vs titanium hair tools 

Compared to ceramic tourmaline, titanium irons heat up faster and can make quick work of coarse or thick hair with minimal effort. If you have thick hair that can handle them, they’re no problem.  

Unfortunately, the more direct heat can be harsh for fine or thinning hair. Avoid titanium irons if your hair is sensitive to heat damage. Tourmaline flat irons and tourmaline curling irons are much better for those more delicate situations.

When it comes to dryers, titanium delivers a high and steady temperature. Quick and easy! It’s also a little lighter in weight than ceramic dryers, making it easier to handle for professional use. However, ceramic tourmaline dryers disperse heat more evenly and discharge negative ions for fuller and bouncier hair. 

The best tourmaline tools to try 

So, are you ready to procure some tourmaline ceramic styling tools of your own? Here are our suggestions for some sparkly, hair-loving products. 

Tourmaline flat iron

Ceramic tools can sometimes be heavy and slow to heat up, so look for a tourmaline flat iron that’s lightweight, so it’s easier to handle. We recommend a flat iron that heats up in under a minute so you can get straight to work. And don’t forget a 360-degree swivel cord for maximum movement. 

Adjustable temperature controls will give you more control. Try a lower temperature for fine or damaged hair, and crank up the heat for thick hair that takes longer to style. Finally, don’t forget to make sure it has tourmaline-infused into the ceramic.

This Interstellar Digital Flat Iron ticks all the boxes. We dig its ‘out of this world’ vibes, with its sleek green color and “cosmic” tourmaline-infused floating plates.

Tourmaline hair dryer

With tourmaline hair dryers, the ground gemstone is infused into the internal ceramic heating element. When shopping for a hair dryer, tourmaline is a sign that you’ll get all those frizz-reducing negative ions. 

Ergonomics are important for any industry professional. Just like all ceramic hair tools, tourmaline hair dryers can be a little on the heavy side, so look for something with a lightweight design. 

Choose a tourmaline hair dryer with adjustable temperature and airflow to give yourself maximum control. And don’t forget a concentrator nozzle for even more adjustability! The Interstella Blow Dryer incorporates the features you’ll need in a fairly sleek and compact package. And speaking of ergonomics, we love that it’s got a quiet motor and a soft-touch finish.   

Tourmaline curling iron


When you’re working with a curling iron, the last thing you want to be dealing with is frizz or heat damage. For this reason, curling irons that have been infused with tourmaline are more versatile than conventional ceramic or metallic options. For curls that last all night, look for a tourmaline curling iron that incorporates infrared technology to heat the curls from the core outward. 

You can use tourmaline curling irons on all types of hair, but they’ll really come in handy when you’re working with hair that’s more delicate or prone to frizz. They’re also great when it’s time to pump up the volume! 

Speaking of pumping up the volume, the Paradise 32mm Max Volume Clip Curler is designed to do exactly that. And (of course!) it features our favorite gemstone: tourmaline. 

Shine on, you crazy gemstone! 

Let’s face it: there’s something that’s just cool about using a semi-precious gemstone as part of the hair styling process. It’s sparkly, it’s natural, and it’s from the Earth. What more could you ask for?

Once you give tourmaline heat styling tools a try, we think you’ll agree that all those negative ions are positively amazing! Precious indeed.