How to Style Thin Hair

How to Style Thin Hair

Hi there, fine folks! Do you have fine or thin hair? 

If that’s the case, you probably constantly go from feeling blessed to utterly cursed. 


Thin hair has some very special benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. On the one hand, it dries in seconds, and styling it is a quick process. On the other hand, you have to work hard to keep it from looking flat, and it gets damaged far too easily.

That’s why we’ve put together this styling and shopping guide, especially for you! To start, we want to get you excited and inspired, so we selected examples of the best hairstyles for thin hair, along with some tips on how to achieve each hairstyle.

Then, we’ll get into the styling tips, with some tool and product suggestions. We’ll explain what you need to look for in each tool, and what makes for the best hair dryers or curling wands for thin hair. 

So, are you ready to get your hair looking fine? 


Hairstyles for thin hair

To kick things off, get excited about your thin or fine hair! These are our favorite hairstyles for thin hair because they simply work with your hair type and always flatter. 

Wavy bob for thin hair 

wavy bob for thin hair

Sam Paulsen/@samxpaulsen

This wavy bob is a great hairstyle for thin hair, especially for those who are too busy for long styling sessions and frequent touch-ups. These feathery waves look natural and effortless! Plus, they tend to wear well for a few days in a row, simply gaining a tousled look after being slept on. Our tip for achieving such a lovely wave is to curl the hair with a smaller curling iron, like our Mini Curls Travel Curler.

Short hairstyle for thin hair 

short hairstyle for thin hair

Krissa El-Saden/@krissafowles

This cute and flirty short hairstyle is perfect for thin hair! Because of the length, there’s nothing to weigh it down. It’s easy to maintain, and it tends to hold shape and volume easily. It works especially well because of the layers, which are another great trick for perking up fine hair. 

Layered hairstyle for thin hair 

layered hairstyle for thin hair

Mr. Q/@alphqiu

If you like to keep your thin hair a little longer, this is the kind of hairstyle to consider. The shorter layers help to add some bounce to your tresses. The final trick to achieving that effortless volume? Using one of the best hair dryers for fine hair… don’t worry, we have some suggestions below. 

Short waves for thin hair 

short waves for thin hair

Hair by Michelle/@hairbymichelleee

This is another one of those great short hairstyles for thin hair. A hint of layering at the bottom gives texture, while the looser, smooth waves give real volume. It’s the kind of look that requires a larger curling iron for fine hair! 

Another element that helps with this look is the darker roots, which add a natural depth. However, going for such a light blonde can damage your tresses, so if you do try such a balayage, stick to a darker blonde. 

The best hairstyling tools for fine hair

blow dryer for thin hair

No matter which of these hairstyles for thin hair you’d like to try, you’ll need help from the right tools and products. It’s especially important if you want to give your tresses a more lush and voluminous look! Here are our tips for selecting the best tools for your hair. 

Choosing the best hair dryer for thin hair

One of the advantages of fine hair is that it’s quick and easy to dry! This means that on lazy days, you can just let it air dry. However, on days when you want to make an impact, blow-drying your hair is essential for getting some base volume. 

It’s a little too easy to fry thin strands, so you’ll need to be extra careful when shopping for a blow dryer. Look for a dryer that lets you choose between a wide range of temperatures and airflows. Ideally, it’ll also have hair-saving features such as ionic technology, that disperses heat in a controlled manner. It’s these special features that make for the best hair dryers for thin hair. 

The Interstellar Blow Dryer is one of the best hair dryers for fine hair exactly because it’s fitted with such features. It has adjustable airflow and temperature to give you complete control and prevent overheating. 

The included diffuser nozzle is ideal when you want to rough dry for volume. The concentrator is ideal when you want to focus on the roots or smooth out the ends. The infrared ceramic heater inside of it guarantees constant temperature, and it even has a cold shot button to lock your style in place and avoid much-dreaded frizz.

If you want the look of a blowout, but with less effort, give the AF Swept Away 2inOne Volumizing Dryer Blowout Brush a try. It’s super user-friendly for quick styling jobs, and It adds volume and wave to the hair in seconds. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t like fussing with a blow dryer for long. 

Choosing the best curling iron for thin hair

The next tool that can make thin hair look lush and full is a curling iron. 

As with blow dryers, the same principles apply when selecting the best curling wand for thin hair: Choose a gentle, well-made design that won’t damage or dry out your delicate tresses. 

Look for tools with hair-protecting technologies, like even heat distribution via a tourmaline ceramic heating component. Adjustable temperature is, once again, extremely important, since you should always curl your hair on the lowest possible setting. 

The Interstellar Cosmic Digital Clip Curling System is a great option because it offers a wide range of temperatures that can easily and precisely be adjusted via a digital control system. Additionally, it incorporates tourmaline technology to better protect your strands, and has a 360 degrees swivel cord for safer and easier use.

When using a curling iron for fine hair, be mindful of the temperature controls and the length of time you use it so you don’t burn your hair. 

How to choose the best flat iron for fine hair

If your hair is thin or fine, a hair straightener probably isn’t your go-to hair styling tool. It can still be helpful to have a good flat iron around, for days when you want to play with sleek styles. Flat irons are also very useful for smoothing the hair and getting rid of frizziness, which can sometimes afflict naturally thin hair. 

Some people prefer to wave or curl their hair with a straightener rather than a curler, which is another good reason to keep a flat iron around even if your hair is very thin!

As with curling irons, it’s important to choose a straightening iron specifically designed to mitigate damage. Once again, ceramic tourmaline is the best choice, because it distributes heat evenly while also smoothing the hair cuticle, to prevent damage. Additionally, using precise, low temperature is essential, which is why the Interstellar Digital Flat Iron has a digital display that gives full control. 

Extra styling tips for thin hair

straight hairstyle for thin hair

There’s more to styling thin hair than just tools. It’s important to also use good products and to follow a gentle thin hair care routine. Here are our main tips for care, styling, and general heat safety. 

  • Always wash your hair using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo that’ll clean your hair thoroughly without stripping or drying out your thin strands.

  • When using conditioner, never apply it to your roots, but only to the mids and ends of your hair. Otherwise, you risk flattening your hair at the crown.

  • Use protein treatments regularly to help strengthen the bonds in your hair and to prevent any breakage or frizziness.

  • Avoid greasy leave-in oils and mousses or heavy gels, as those will weigh down your hair and make it seem flat. 

  • For day-to-day styling, opt for texturizing sprays, as they’ll help your hair retain its style without making it feel crunchy. 

  • For special days, opt for strong-hold hair sprays that guarantee that your volumized waves or dramatic blowout won’t collapse. 

  • A good dry shampoo can become your best friend when it comes to livening up your hair for a second or third day between washing. It’ll help remove grease from your roots while also adding texture and volume.

Feelin’ mighty fine 

Follow our tips, and we assure you that you’ll feel mighty fine in your thin hair. 

When you stick to a gentle routine and rock the best hairstyles for thin hair, your tresses won’t look lackluster but bouncy and airy!

So show off your fine hair without any shame! Post your photos, give us your best tips for styling or caring for thin hair, and make sure to tag us @loveglister and use our #loveglister hashtag.