Spring Hairstyles 2021

Spring Hairstyles 2021

Spring is in the air, and we’re ready to venture out into the glory of nature! We don’t know about you, but this winter was far too gray and boring for our tastes. We’re ready to cast off its darkness and change everything up with some fun spring hairstyles for 2021.

There’s a lot that goes into deciding what makes for great spring hair ideas! For those who celebrate, finding cute hairstyles for Easter is particularly important, while for others, it’s just about shedding some weight with a choppy spring haircut. 

Come what may, these are our favorite easy hairstyles and cute haircuts to help you usher in the spring with a brand new look! 

Half-Up French Braid for Easter

Half-Up French Braid Hairstyle for Easter

Ella Marti/@ellamarti_muah 

From our very own favorite stylist, Ella Marti, this is the perfect hairstyle for Easter. It’s cute, creative, and playful. Most importantly, it keeps your hair out of your face as you go hunting for eggs! 

Achieving this style is simple, but it might require that you practice your braiding skills. To start, section out the top section of your hair, and tie the rest of it off in a ponytail. Create a French braid along the top, and then tie it off into a messy little bun at the end. Release the rest of your hair from the ponytail, and smooth it out with a straightener like our new Interstellar Digital Flat Iron

Glam Spring Curls

Glam Curls Hairstyle for Spring 2021

Matilde Campos/@tildebymatilde 

Just because we’re focused on spring 2021 hairstyle ideas doesn’t mean that all of our looks have to be soft and demure. These big, voluminous curls are all about the drama factor, so if you intend to turn some heads this season, give ‘em a try. 

The secret to such gorgeous curls is two-fold: First, you need to blow dry your hair with the help of a round brush for maximum volume. Afterward, a curler with a large barrel like our Interstellar Cosmic Digital Clip Curler can give those dreamy, lush curls.  

Curly Bob

Curly Bob Spring Hairstyle

Jessie Bee/@minipennyblog 

As the weather gets warmer, the temptation to go shorter gets strong. If you need a hint from the universe to encourage you to cut off some hair, consider us to be the bearers of the good message. The time to go short is now, and a curly bob is one great way to go about it! 

We like this adorable bob for those transitioning into shorter hair since, despite the length, it’s incredibly femme. The bangs give a youthful vibe, although we think this would look just as nice with curtain bangs. The one detail that makes this hairstyle a little more festive is the curl. 

It looks quite involved, but these curls are actually super easy to achieve since only the bottom half of the hair needs to be curled. You could easily give yourself this hairstyle even with our ultra-affordable “Mini Curls” Travel Curler

Messy Half-Bun

Messy Half-Bun Spring Hairstyle 2021

Alexandra N/@alexandra_nx 

This style of half-bun is a little messy but super sweet! To mimic this look to a T, the first step should always be to curl your hair. 

There are a few aspects to achieving these textured mermaid waves. First, make sure to curl the hair in smaller sections, and as you wrap the hair around the curling wand, keep things tight. Make sure to curl each section in a different direction, which keeps things looking naturally bouncy. 

Once you’ve finished curling, brush out those curls into mermaid waves with the help of a brush like our “Love Your Scalp” Eco Paddle Brush.  With your hair styled, section out some hair from the top and roll it up into a cute bun! 

This is one of our favorite cute hairstyles for Easter. If you’re attending a large event, you might want to smooth the bun out a little more for a cleaner, more festive look.  

Baby Bangs

Spring 2021 Haircut Choppy Baby Bangs

Michiko Boorberg/@michikoboorberg 

One of the coolest spring haircuts for 2021 is a baby bang! Baby bangs frame the face beautifully, but they also have a bit of an edgy vibe. They’re the perfect combination of grit and femininity, especially with a modern, choppy twist. 

They look just as great with a shorter shag as they do with longer hair! Depending on how long you keep the rest of your hair, you can combine them with many of the cute spring hairstyles we’ve included in this post! 

Short Afro

Short Afro Spring Hair

Raja Chantal Maupin/@rajachantal 

Spring hair 2021 is all about celebrating your natural texture while going a little shorter than normal. For many women, that means a short afro! The added volume on top is incredibly flattering, so if your curls are naturally a little tighter, a diffuser can help. 

The GLISTER Interstellar Blow Dryer comes with a curl-boosting diffuser that makes a big difference. Make sure to blow dry on a lower heat setting when the hair is already mostly dry. Focus your attention on the roots, and you’ll end up with gorgeous volumes and vivacious curls. 

Half-Up Ponytail 

Half-Up Ponytail Hairstyle for Easter

Jenny Strebe/@theconfessionsofahairstylist 

Another look we’re loving for spring is a flirty half-ponytail. Before pulling your hair up into this kind of spring hairstyle, you’ll have to create those big, lush waves. For that, you’ll need to curl your hair in big sections with the help of a larger curling iron. Alternate the directions of each curl, and then brush everything out for beachy, wavy perfection. 

The scrunchy is one of the season’s essential hair accessories, and it finishes this look off beautifully. It's great for channeling the fun-loving, colorful mood of the 80s, and it pairs well with other spring hairstyles for 2021, like half-buns or low updos. 

Colorful Mullet 

Dolce & Gabbana Mullet for Spring 2021

Dolce & Gabbana

The mullet is back, baby! Like it or not, this slightly off-kilter haircut is having a resurgence, and we think there’s no better time to experiment with it than the present. This colorful version from the Dolce & Gabbana runway is one of the edgiest spring 2021 hairstyles to try. 

Beyond the color, the other detail that makes this edgy look stand out is spiky styling that’s straight out of an anime. To get your hair to do the same, you’ll want to blow dry your hair straight. Then, spray it with hairspray, and use a straightening iron to shape it into those spikes. The hairspray will give the hold to guarantee that your hair will stay in place. 

Feathery Mullet

Feathery Mullet Spring Hair 2021

Sandra Vacev/@sandra.vacev 

This is a more subdued version of the modern mullet, for those of you who aren’t in the mood for the extreme combination of both a mullet and spiky blue hair. Thanks to the longer fringe and layers, it’s a more subdued mullet that’s incredibly flattering to most face shapes. 

What really drives the look home is those itty-bitty, feathery waves. To achieve such waves, all you need is to curl the hair in very small sections, focusing on the center and ends. Slightly twist each piece as you wrap around the curling iron. Make sure to curl in alternating directions, and once you’re done, use your fingers or a paddle brush to loosen everything up! 

5-Minute Updo

5 Minute Easy Hairstyle for Spring

Stacie Godowin/@staciegoodwinbridal 

This is another great easy hairstyle for Easter, with a cheerful spring vibe. It’s super cute, and it looks like it requires more effort than it really does, which makes it an amazing choice for celebrations or going out. 

The secret to creating an elegant bun that looks like an updo is to section the hair out correctly. Leave two big sections of hair at the front, and then pull the remainder of the hair into a low braid. Twist it into a bun, and pin it along the base--just don’t forget to pull a bit on the strands to add more volume! 

Once that’s done, pull those front hair sections back to drape and pin around your bun, which instantly elevates the look into something almost bridal. To dress it up, you can add braid those front sections of hair first, or you can add a few flowers to your bun! 

Double Buns

Double Buns Hairstyle for Easter 2021

Kayla Sarvas/@kaylasarvas_beauty 

As a variation on a top bun, double buns have us obsessed! They’re totally adorable and just perfect for spring! For this easy hairstyle idea, you can curl your hair if you want, or you can just blow dry it with a round brush. 

Then, section the top into two subsections -- this is when having hair sectioning clips on hand makes things easier. Tie each section off into a braid, and then twist each braid into a cute bun. A few pins will help to keep things in place, and if you want some extra volume, pull gently on the buns to amp them up. 

Which are your favorite spring hairstyles for 2021? Which cute hairstyles for Easter do you plan to try? Tag us on Instagram @loveglister to show us your style!